What We Do

We cycle mainly off road in the spring, autumn and winter with some longer road rides in the summer.  Our services are free but we do rely on donations to cover our operating expenses which for members are discrete, purely voluntary and according to each individual's circumstances. We also organize fund raising events and apply for donations from larger charitable organizations.


Cycling Skills

If you have not ridden since a child or not at all, the first step is to do some "one on one" sessions and easier rides with our coaches to get you going. 


We aim to get you out of the armchair and onto the saddle as quickly as you can handle it.


Stamina Building

With your cycling skills ready to go, the next step is to progressively build up the distance you can ride and hills you can climb in easy stages.


Riding as a group we plan rides conducted by ride marshals intended to improve your fitness, confidence and the enjoyment that comes from riding through fantastic scenery with good pals.

Mountain Bikers

Sportives and Ride Outs

With improving stamina you can start to think about some really great days out. Something to aim at during your stamina building sessions.


We organize "Ride Outs" to places of interest with the transport back to the starting point organized and lunches laid on.  


We also ride as a group in British Cycling sportives and other fund raising events.

Cycling Skill and Stamina Building rides are planned to end at roughly the same time at a great cafe or coffee shop to talk together and share the days experiences.

We encourage everyone to open up and share their problems and concerns about PCa.  The talking can be as equally important as the cycling - a problem shared is a problem halved.