We usually meet at the Neil Training`s `The Lifestyle Centre` at Ashridge College near Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire (HP4 1NS) The College is set in 5,000 acres of National Trust forest where many of our rides take place

Our Rides

We are mostly aged between 45 and 75 and we do not race! some of us start off very unfit and haven`t ridden a bike in years or are recovering from treatment. However, everybody becomes able to enjoy extended rides and ride well. The aim is to get fitter and have fun together. We learn to cycle well (this, surprises both those who don't think they can do it and those who think that they already know how!) and encourage everybody to meet up to cycle regularly so that we can share our journey.

When the group is ready, we organise extended destination ride-outs and the group and their bikes are brought home at the end of the ride.

The Area

The Ashridge Forest area offers a wide variety of terrain from relatively level rides through to challenging climbs and it offers a large area from which appropriate routes can be selected.

The first step is for us to meet for chat and an assessment ride which comprises a conversation about your current physical condition, your requirements and ambitions, followed by a short cycle ride.


It is each rider`s responsibility to check with his physician to make sure that he is fit to begin cycling. Riders must, when cycling, always wear a properly fitting cycling helmet with a CE mark label, wear appropriate clothing and have their bicycle in good working order with fully operational gears and brakes. (bicycles may be hired by prior arrangement)