David  (first diagnosis 13 years ago) 

"When you have prostate cancer your choices are limited to accepting whatever therapies you are offered. One way I can avoid being passive and fight back against cancer is to keep myself fit and active. Prostate Peddlers provides me with the motivation and opportunity to push myself physically and to become a better cyclist.”

Ivan (first diagnosis  5 years ago)

October 2017 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 58. At that time I was not doing much physical activity other than walking the dog and I was asked if I'd thought about cycling, something that I hadn't really done since I was a teenager. I contacted Charles at Prostate Peddlers who has been teaching me how to ride a cycle properly, something which I thought was just a case of balancing on a bike and turning the peddles and breaking. It has also allowed me to meet up with other cyclists at different stages of diagnoses and treatments of prostate cancer, which means there is a wealth of knowledge and camaraderie and which has helped me to understand and come to terms with the illness and treatments. We meet up on Saturday mornings and go on different rides around the picturesque Ashridge Estate. These rides are not competitive but enjoyable whilst keeping fit and active and when I started I really didn't realise just how much I would get hooked on cycling particularly as most of the rides are off road. I would encourage anyone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer to give Charles a call and come along and join us. It really doesn't matter if you've never ridden a bike before.