Rules For Riding

When we ride two things are paramount, safety and having fun.  We have some rules for riding which are intended to support both of these aims. We want our members to finish each ride tired but with a sense of achievement and enjoyment.


Every ride has two ride marshals one leading and one sweeping up behind. They are there to make the ride as successful as possible and to achieve this they need you to follow the guidelines given below

  • Every ride has a ride sheet. All riders must enter their names and sign the ride sheet before the ride starts.

  • Every ride is pre planned using Komoot and there are gpx or pdf versions of the route suitable for use with ride planning apps on mobile phones. These are circulated to riders via email beforehand.

  • At all times, decisions made by the ride marshals are final.  Anyone not complying with these decisions will be deemed as having left the ride prematurely and may not re-join.

  • All riders are responsible for their own health and safety at all times and are deemed to have agreed to that by signing the ride sheet.

  • As riders participate at their own risk to health and injury, they should consider having properly insured themselves before the ride.

  • The ride marshals are empowered to refuse to allow anyone to ride for any reason if this could be dangerous to the rider, their health or to others.

  • Rides proceed at the pace of the slowest rider with routine stops as decided upon by the ride marshals only.

  • Never overtake the leading ride marshal as he is setting the pace for the whole group according to what he knows of individuals levels of fitness. 

  • If, for whatever reason, you find yourself riding ahead of the leading ride marshal always stop at the top of the next steep hill, road junction or pathway fork to allow the group to catch up.

  • The Ride Marshalls are empowered to vary from the planned route depending upon weather, safety, or any other reason they deem appropriate. That includes changing the route in its entirety if that is necessary.

  • Any incidents that happen during the ride must be reported on an incident sheet.  The ride marshals will stop the ride when an incident occurs to go over what has happened with participants highlighting any learning points of note.

  • Riders are responsible for and must ensure that their bikes are properly adjusted, road worthy and suitable to the terrain of the route. 

  • The ride marshals have the right to inspect your bike before the ride if they deem it necessary and can refuse participation if they believe your bike is dangerous.

  • Riders who wish to leave a ride anywhere except the designated start or finish points must inform the Ride Marshalls before leaving the ride and sign off the ride sheet.