Dave's Astronomy Page

Since a young lad I have always been fascinated by the stars.  An avid fan of Patrick Moore and the Sky at Night I have always wanted to get a good telescope.

A busy working life and bringing up a family meant I had neither funds or time to pursue it in any depth but when I found out I had PCa at 59 it dawned on me that time might be precious and it was time to do a lot of things I had put off for far too long. So, I invested in two things, some bikes to go Prostate Pedalling and a decent telescope.  I have never regretted either one although believe me, astronomy is definitely a money pit.

For the knowledgeable, my telescope is a Celestron 11" Edge HD Schmidt Cassegrain mounted on a Celestron CGEM DX (Celestron German Equatorial Mount). I have also invested a lot over the years in accessories for my scope, computerized software, cameras and filters. 

One of the things I like about astronomy is you never stop learning and even though others can produce magnificent images, there is nothing like capturing and processing your own (I observe mainly deep sky objects and concentrate on nebulae and other large structures). 


Please see some of my efforts below:

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