“If physical exercise were a drug, it would be hitting the headlines”

Macmillan Cancer Support Chief Medical Officer Jane Maher

A support group for prostate cancer sufferers

run by people with prostate cancer


News Page 

Please note this web page is in the process of being redeveloped.  More information and detail will be added over the next few weeks


We are riding again - come and join us!

Now that lock down rules have eased we have started to ride again with evening rides from The Old School House in Whipsnade every Wednesday and Saturday morning rides starting and finishing at the Musette Cafe in Aldbury. 


You will need to register and have an interview ride if you have not ridden with us before. 


Contact Charles@prostatepedallers.com

Upcoming Ride Out Events:


We are planning a number of ride outs this year to places of special interest and over off road routes intended to help members build their stamina but have a really enjoyable day out.


We will be posting details of these here as and when these have been planned and organised - watch this space!

PPeddlers Open Day 2019-autumn.jpg

Prostate Pedallers Open Day:


We intend to stage an open day this year at the Musette Cafe in Aldbury  to promote the support services we are providing to folks with prostate cancer and their families.


We plan to have ride outs in the beautiful countryside around Aldbury and through the amazing Ashridge Forest. These will be planned for those just thinking about getting into cycling and a more demanding route for expert or "elite riders".


There will be two aims for the day: 

  • To show to cancer sufferers the benefits and fun they can derive from cycling with us 

  • Encouraging clinicians to refer their patients to us 

We will post the exact date and details here later in the year but we aim to hold this event sometime in September 2021

Sportives and Sponsored Events:


It is our intention to ride as a registered charity in a number of sportives and other sponsored events this year.  These include the Tour of Cambridgeshire and the Hit the Downs event.


Participants will be expected to ride with Prostate Pedallers regularly every week to build up the stamina needed to complete the event.

More news about these events and how to get involved will be posted here

Exercise Benefits for Prostate Cancer


A full and scientifically valid clinical study of the effects of exercise on Prostate (and other) cancer is of course extremely difficult and expensive to stage. However, there is a significant body of well informed opinion which indicates a slowing of the progression of the disease, a decrease in co-morbidities and less of what I call "collateral damage" caused by the disease.


Do read my abbreviated version of the article and read the whole thing if you are interested. It is both fascinating and gives some cause for optimism!

All the best Charles


Rides & Facilities




We usually meet at the Neil Training`s `The Lifestyle Centre` at Ashridge College near Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire (HP4 1NS)

The College is set in 5,000 acres of National Trust forest where many of our rides take place and we sometimes use the facilities at the Lifestyle Centre when fitness levels require it or, if the weather is particularly bad

Our Rides


We do not race, we are mostly aged between 45 and 75 and some of us off start unfit and haven`t ridden a bike in years or are recovering from treatment. However, everybody becomes able to enjoy extended rides and ride well. The aim is to get fitter and have fun together. We learn to cycle well (this, surprises those who think that they already know how!) and encourage everybody to meet up to cycle regularly so that we can share our journey.

When the group is ready, we organise extended destination ride-outs and the group and their bikes are brought home at the end of the ride.

The Area


The Ashridge Forest area offers a wide variety of terrain from relatively level rides through to challenging climbs and it offers a large area from which appropriate routes can be selected.

The first step is for us to meet for chat and an assessment ride which comprises a conversation about your current physical condition, your requirements and ambitions, followed by a short cycle ride.



David  (first diagnosis 10 years ago) 

"When you have prostate cancer your choices are limited to accepting whatever therapies you are offered. One way I can avoid being passive and fight back against cancer is to keep myself fit and active. Prostate Peddlers provides me with the motivation and opportunity to push myself physically and to become a better cyclist.”

Ivan (first diagnosis  2 years ago)

October 2017 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 58. At that time I was not doing much physical activity other than walking the dog and I was asked if I'd thought about cycling, something that I hadn't really done since I was a teenager. I contacted Charles at Prostate Peddlers who has been teaching me how to ride a cycle properly, something which I thought was just a case of balancing on a bike and turning the peddles and breaking. It has also allowed me to meet up with other cyclists at different stages of diagnoses and treatments of prostate cancer, which means there is a wealth of knowledge and camaraderie and which has helped me to understand and come to terms with the illness and treatments. We meet up on Saturday mornings and go on different rides around the picturesque Ashridge Estate. These rides are not competitive but enjoyable whilst keeping fit and active and when I started I really didn't realise just how much I would get hooked on cycling particularly as most of the rides are off road. I would encourage anyone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer to give Charles a call and come along and join us. It really doesn't matter if you've never ridden a bike before.

Fred (58, first diagnosis 18 mths ago)



Whipsnade Grass Track Race - Sunday 3rd November 2019

British Cycling organised a grass track race over a zig-zag , up and down and very muddy (after a short while) course on Whipsnade Common. A perfect interlude during the Prostate Peddlers Sunday ride. How nice to see an all ages family event. The youngest were 8 years old, the oldest well over seventy. Health , fun, family. Perfect!

Whipsnade Common 03112019 - B.jpg
Whipsnade Common 03112019 - A.jpg